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Questions Covered:

  • 03:35 - Does Jesus have a created soul from his human soul in reference to “begotten not made” in the Nicene Creed? And what does the “not made” mean in reference to both His human and divine nature, if He has both? 
  • 07:17 - How biblical are dreams and how much faith should I put into them? 
  • 16:08 - My friend is convinced that Jesus was married. Could you tell me how to get through to her that He wasn’t? 
  • 20:36 - I was away from the Church for about 48 years and I’ve recently come back. In a guide book I was reading on St. Peter, it said to refer to Joel 2:28. When I went to my NASV bible, there was no Joel 2:28, but there was when I went to my RSV bible. Why is it in one and not the other? 
  • 24:22 - Before my husband and I got married in the Catholic Church, his parents said he was baptized, just not in the Catholic Church. He ended up becoming Catholic after we were married and we learned that he was never baptized at all but just “dedicated”. After knowing this new information, do we have to have our marriage validated in any way? 
  • 31:08 - How far back does the tradition go for Catholics to celebrate mass every day of the week? 
  • 33:40 - My parents are both deceased and I see them in my dreams every night. Why do they? Also, how do we know if we die? 
  • 40:40 - How do we reason with those who are part of the progressive Christian movement today? Particularly on the acceptance of homosexuality. 
  • 46:33 - I have part of my dad’s ashes on my dresser. It was not my decision to put them up there, but is this bad? Does this mean that his soul is lost?
  • 49:22 - I’ve been looking for a good Catholic Bible, but in the process of this I was wondering why all of the Protestant denominations reject the books the Catholic Bible has and theirs don’t.
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