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Open Forum

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 05:40 - Is the Pope a dictator? 
  • 14:10 - Was the perpetual virginity of Mary defined at a council, and who were the other women at the foot of the cross other than John and Mary? 
  • 19:05 - Is there no outreach from the Catholic Church compared to others? For example, going door to door or actively trying to convert people in public. 
  • 28:48 - Could I get some pointers on how to defend Mary’s perpetual virginity? 
  • 39:00 - I have family members that are Pentecostal. They say the saints are sleeping and there’s no way they can intercede for us at this point until the second coming of the Lord. Are they really sleeping or are they 100 percent alive? And where are our family members that have already departed? Can they intercede? 
  • 44:55 - I’m looking for a one-stop-shop resource that’s a defense of Catholicism. Could you recommend one? 
  • 47:42 - Is the “Oneness” doctrine considered blasphemy?


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