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Questions Covered:

  • 01:17 - Is Molinism a heretical view? 
  • 11:40 - How would you address people who claim to be Christians but who don’t wear masks and aren’t willing to protect others from the virus? 
  • 17:13 - In emphasizing tradition, how do Catholics achieve a balance between Scripture and Tradition in their personal prayer lives? 
  • 28:32 - I am in RCIA. I have noticed that the NAB has different chapter divisions than the RSV and other versions. Why is this? 
  • 34:44 - My Protestant friend says that the Bible says, “faith alone”. How do I answer him? 
  • 44:00 - What were the politics happening in the world when Jesus lived? 
  • 48:54 - What is the evidence for the Assumption of Mary? 
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