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Open Forum

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Questions Covered:

15:00 - I heard that there is a story or diary of Mary’s life before Jesus was born. Is this true? Also, Cy — what is your favorite Joan of Arc movie?
19:29 - Is sinning on Sunday different or worse than sinning on any other day? And in Confession does one need to confess the results of a particular sin? For example, if I overeat and experience pain as a result of that, do I need to confess that pain?
23:40 - Does God sometimes use numbers to communicate to people through signs?
28:40 - Is Catholicism compatible with Socialism?
• 2. Elijah… Des Moines Iowa… YouTube… 40:55 - I hear some people say they don’t believe in Vatican II. How can they say that and be Catholic? What about Vatican II do they reject?
48:25 - The Bible (I think Corinthians) says that Jesus went back to Heaven because he came from Heaven. But if we humans began here, and not in Heaven, how can we go to Heaven?
50:54 - Which is the way of the Catholic Faith when one stands at the gates of Heaven?: “I didn’t commit a mortal sin,” or “I have nothing to give you but I entrust myself to your mercy.”

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