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Open Forum

Audio only:

Is there any evidence in the Bible that we must grow in holiness?

Questions Covered:

  • 04:37 - Does God bestow equal amounts of grace on all human beings? 
  • 17:40 - Is drive through or parking lot Communion a licit way to receive the Eucharist? 
  • 19:23 - Can you explain invincible ignorance to me? 
  • 24:30 - What was it like sanitarily during the time of Christ? 
  • 28:32 - What is the difference between mediator and intercessor? 
  • 33:19 - Is my desire for my baby to be baptized sufficient for a baptism? Everything is delayed and we can’t go get her baptized. 
  • 40:33 - How can we fulfill our Saturday obligations when I can’t attend Mass or confession? 
  • 49:01 - Do you know anything about a very recent translation of the Bible called “New Catholic Bible”? 
  • 50:53 - Are there passages that reflect the process of growing in holiness? 
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