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Ask Me Anything: Catholicism

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Questions Covered:

  • 03:42 - How would I respond to my children if they grow up and ask why I never gave them the choice to be Catholic when I baptized them as babies?
  • 16:12 - I believe life existed before Adam and Eve. Did those animals experience pain and fear? If so, how is that possible before the fall?
  • 28:30 - As a Catholic I’m curious why we are allowed to have statues and painting when it says not to make any idol or icon.
  • 35:05 - Is confession valid if you don’t receive a penance?
  • 40:05 - If you can’t fast to the point of harming your body, what do we make of Catherine of Siena? How do we balance these extreme examples?
  • 46:23 - Is using cannabis medicinally a sin?
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