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Questions Covered:

  • 4:32- How can I explain Marian doctrine to my non- denominational family who believe this is communion with the dead?   
  • 12:02 - Why do people get attacked by demons?  
  • 18:12 - How can I interpret someone who has passed away appearing or speaking to me in a dream?  
  • 21:03 - What is a response to someone who claims I worship a human being in Jesus Christ?  
  • 28:30 - How can I share the need to confess to a Priest since it is not in the bible?  
  • 34:24 - Can you interpret Jesus’s words to Judas of “Woe to the man…”?  
  • 42:32 - Is polygamy the same as adultery? How does this impact the Old Testament? 
  • 48:13 - How can I explain to a Protestant why they need the Sacraments? 
  • 51:40 - How can I interpret Jeus’s response in Luke 11:27-28 to Mary being called blessed? 
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