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  • 02:43 - When my wife comes to Mass, she goes up to receive a blessing from the priest, but when I go to protestant service with her and do not go up for a blessing, she gets mad– how do I reconcile this? 
  • 10:59 - If you go to confession and confess 2/3 mortal sins in the confessional but then die, can those 2 confessed sins be used against you in your judgment? 
  • 19:44 - If a married priest becomes a widower, can he then become a Bishop? 
  • 21:44 - Which Protestant denominations are Calvinist?   
  • 29:28 - Why might a church not have a relic in the Altar?   
  • 40:58 - Why do Orthodox believe that we believe the Pope is infallible?  
  • 45:41 - If Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, but a descendant sinned, everyone still have original sin?  
  • 48:08 - What is the Catholic evidence for Apostolic succession?  
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