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Questions Covered: 

  • 02:24 - How can the Saints handle the quantity of prayers based on Daniel 10:10-14? 
  • 10:35 - Is it proper to go to confession for not being able to kneel at the appropriate times at Mass? 
  • 13:00 - Is scattering of ashes after cremation allowable?  
  • 15:32 - Has Vatican II been interpreted in a strict neo-scholastic way?  
  • 19:49 - If there is no wine at Mass can there be a Consecration?  
  • 22:25 - Did Paul ordain Linus instead of Peter?  
  • 28:59 - Why do Catholic people confess their sins to priests? 
  • 32:54 - How can a person who has never heard of Jesus get to heaven? 
  • 40:20 - How is it okay for Saint relics to be scattered all over the world?  
  • 45:05 - Can you clarify why we have one chalice that we share instead of individual cups? 
  • 50:58 - How do we call out our brothers and sisters at Mass for inappropriate behavior?
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