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Are Catholics and Protestants Cousins in Faith?

Audio only:

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 03:31 - What do we see before we die?
  • 15:01 - How should a Catholic working at a Catholic school respond to people pushing the pronouns thing?
  • 20:13 - Normally the sins of a father are not imputed to the son, so why is original sin an exception?
  • 29:35 - What are your thoughts on a person who leaves the Catholic faith as a teenager and converts to Islam?
  • 36:21 - Do Catholics consider Protestants cousins in the faith or are they viewed as though they are all going to hell?
  • 48:06 - I’m in RCIA. Reconciliation, Holy Orders, Marriage were covered today but what do you think would have been important to cover those topics?
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