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Heaven and the Communion of Saints

Audio only:

Karlo Broussard tackles questions about life after death, particularly heaven and the saints.

Questions Covered:

  • 13:55 - What is the difference between particular judgement and final judgment? 
  • 20:44 - Isaiah talks about heaven being a place where the lion lays down with the lamb. Does this mean my seeing eye dogs might be with me in heaven? 
  • 32:03 - What specifically happens to our guardian angel after we die? Do they go to heaven with us or are they assigned another person? 
  • 36:50 - Will we see our family members in heaven? 
  • 44:50 - How could a good God allow hell? How is an eternity of hell fair when we live less than a hundred years on earth? 
  • 50:51 - What is the order of people in heaven? What does it mean to be “higher” in heaven?

Resources Mentioned:

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