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Life After Death

Audio only:

What do Catholics believe about death, heaven, hell, and purgatory? Find out here, with Catholic Answers apologist, Karlo Broussard.

Questions Covered:

  • 13:23 - Why did Jesus tell Mary M not to touch him but told her to go tell the apostles that He is risen?  
  • 17:23 - Where is purgatory mentioned in the Bible? 
  • 31:11 - My parents both died in February. Is the promise that a person wearing their scapular goes to heaven? 
  • 38:27 - Do we exist in heaven before we are born? 
  • 43:30 - When we die, are we going to experience the Resurrection immediately?  
  • 51:28 - Where do babies go if they die before they are baptized? 
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