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Is It Okay to Separate?

Rose Sweet

Audio only:

Rose Sweet helps Catholics to navigate spousal separation and to understand the Church’s teaching on marriage.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:52 - I have a son who is getting ready to file for divorce. He is married to an abusive woman who is on drugs and there are 3 kids involved. How will the Church view this? 
  • 21:55 - Is Rose Sweet available for private advice? 
  • 23:23 - I was previously in the marine corps and was married, but things didn’t work out. I wasn’t religious at that time. Will it ever be possible for me to have a wife again? 
  • 30:50 - When is it okay to realize that divorce is the right answer? My dad was sexually abusing my mom and me and she finally left him and got a divorce once it affected me. 
  • 34:39 - I have been separated from my wife for 8 years. I don’t think either of us intends on getting married to anyone else and we may get back together someday. She just filed for divorce. Will we still be married in the eyes of the Church if we divorce? 
  • 42:38 - My husband and I are separated. I have my stuff in the car because I just left him. We still love each other, but we’ve had so many complications. What can I do? I am not a Catholic. 
  • 46:45 - What is a justification for getting an annulment? My wife already married someone else. 
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