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Heaven and the Communion of Saints

Audio only:

Karlo Broussard tackles questions about life after death, particularly heaven and the saints.

Questions Covered:

  • 04:20 - Will it bother you in heaven if your family members are in hell? Will you still feel sorrow for their absence from heaven? 
  • 13:48 - How can there be room for everyone in heaven? 
  • 20:27 – Can near-death experiences when people claim to see those in heaven be true if they haven’t received their judgment or have gone to heaven? 
  • 28:55 - Will we maintain the same bonds in heaven with our loved ones? 
  • 34:57 - Will heaven and earth come together after the Last Judgement and end times? 
  • 39:43 - Is it true that someone could do good their whole life, commit a mortal sin before they die, and go to hell? How is that right? 
  • 46:30 - Why do you pray to the saints? Isn’t this sinful? 
  • 51:58 - How do we know anything about levels of heaven? Is there anything in Scripture to support this? 
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