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The Catholic Church teaches that all people are called to chastity, whether that be in marriage, religious life, or as a single person. Jason Evert helps listeners to navigate that calling.

Questions Covered:

  • 17:46 - I am a mom and I have a 30-year-old son. I have made mistakes in my life and I am trying to keep my son from making the same mistakes. How can I discuss chastity and holiness with him? 
  • 32:32 - I am turning 25 and I have been trying to adhere to the teaching of chastity. I have been struggling though. What are some tools and skills I can use to be successful and not feel like such a battle each day? 
  • 44:08 - If you marry someone and later, they decide they don’t want to have sex anymore; can you file for an annulment? 
  • 50:45 - Are there any limits to sexual acts between husband and wife?
  • 53:23 - I am dating a divorced woman. What is the best way to navigate that? 
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