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Catholic Answers Staff Open Forum

Tim Staples

Audio only:

Happy Easter from all of us at Catholic Answers! Please enjoy hearing questions from some of the staff that you don’t usually see or hear. God bless you!

Questions Covered:

  • Zach Maxwell, Catholic Answers Video Editor03:25 - How would we respond to a person claiming that is selfish for God to create a population that is made simply to know, love, and serve Him? Are we simply here to amuse Him or was He lonely? 
  • Dave Matheson, Director of Development – 08:51 - Tim, I was on Twitter yesterday and a prominent Catholic who writes for National Review posted, quote, “Mary isn’t a co-redeemer. There is one Redeemer, Jesus. Mary is our mother. Accept her with love.” Lot of truth there, but what about the part about Mary not being a co-redeemer? I know it’s not dogma, but can you explain the history of the co-redeemer title, what it means and what the Church says about this? 
  • Jon Sorenson, Chief Operations Officer- 18:30 - I want to talk to Tim on the radio today about how we can explain to atheists that it is reasonable for Catholics to accept the Bible as the inspired word of God. Not necessarily proving that it is (because they are already skeptical) but showing them that what we believe is a reasonable (not crazy or delusional) conclusion.    
  • Meggie Gonzalez, Customer service rep – 28:16 - The other day, Aesop saw a picture of the crucifixion and asked me what Jesus was doing. AHHH! I am thinking I want to ask Tim for some tips on how to talk to young kids about images they may see at church without making them afraid and introducing ideas like salvation without overwhelming their little minds. Will that work? 
  • Andrew Hermiz, Video Editor – 36:03 - Why does contemporary philosophy fail so much in regards to revealing God and explaining theological thinking? 
  • Christine Venditti, Development Officer – 46:32 - To what extent are we obligated to vote as Catholics? Since same sex marriage isn’t actually a marriage, why are we obligated to vote against it? 
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