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Which Catholic Doctrine Troubles You?

Audio only:

Questions Covered: 

  • 03:18 - Is there salvation outside of the Catholic Church? And if there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church how is there unity in Christianity?
  • 13:27 - What do I do if I am not sure if I have been baptized but I want to be baptized in the Catholic Church?
  • 16:31 - Why is it that the Catholic Church has historically supported a younger model for the creation of the world but seems to have shifted their stance today?
  • 24:33 - Why do Catholics say the Mass is a sacrifice when no more sacrifices are necessary?
  • 34:10 - Why do Catholics say the Hail Mary?
  • 41:00 - How should I respond to Protestant people who reject the Catholic understanding of justification?
  • 50:05 - According to Jesus there are two true sacraments, but Catholics Recognize seven. What qualifies the other five as sacraments?
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