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Catholic Answers Live Quiz Show

Audio only:


CONTESTANT ONE) On the Feast of Pentecost we celebrate…?

  1. A) The reception of the Great Commission
  2. B) The descent of the Holy Spirit
  3. C) The end of the Octave of Easter

CONTESTANT Two)   When the Holy Spirit first filled the apostles, some people thought they were…

  1. A) The Prophet Elijah
  2. B) Angels
  3. C) Drunk

CONTESTANT ONE)  Which of the following is NOT one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit…

  1. A) Piety
  2. B) Celibacy
  3. C) Fear of God

CONTESTANT Two)   Which of the following is NOT one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit…

  1. A) Wisdom
  2. B) Praise
  3. C) Understanding


CONTESTANT ONE)  Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the “Counselor” or “Paraclete”, which means…

  1. A) Divine
  2. B) Advocate
  3. C) Creator

CONTESTANT Two)   Jesus says the one who does what to the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven?

  1. A) Blasphemes
  2. B) Curses
  3. C) Quenches


CONTESTANT ONE)  Catholics believe that Mary:

  1. A) Will judge the living and the dead
  2. B) Will advocate on behalf of those who ask her help
  3. C) Will return on the clouds of heaven just as she ascended

CONTESTANT Two)  Catholics believe that Mormon Baptism is…

  1. A) Valid because they baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
  2. B) Not Valid because their understanding of God is incompatible with Christianity
  3. C) Valid but not Licit

CONTESTANT ONE)  Catholics believe that Protestant Christianity is, in general:

  1. A) Fully separated from the One, True Church
  2. B) In limited communion with the One, True Church
  3. C) Fully in communion, but in a mysterious way, with the One, True Church

CONTESTANT Two)  Catholics believe that atheism is:

  1. A) Impossible to challenge merely using reason without revelation
  2. B) Spiritually the same as Satanism
  3. C) Contrary to both faith and reason

CONTESTANT ONE)  Exorcism is:

  1. A) A sacrament of the Catholic Church
  2. B) A rite of the Catholic Church
  3. C) A media exaggeration that is not really a part of Catholic practice

CONTESTANT Two)  Jesus is God, therefore…

  1. A) Mary is the mother of the human nature of God
  2. B) Mary is the Mother of God
  3. C) Mary is the mother of the man Jesus but not the mother of the divine Jesus


1) T or F  The early Church was not hierarchical

2) T or F  You have to pray the Rosary to be a good Catholic

3) T or F “Sola Scriptura” is an invention of 16th century thinkers and not an ancient teaching of the Church

4) T or F  A person can commit an objective moral evil and not be subjectively guilty of a sin

5) T or F  Holy Water is a visible sign, instituted by Christ to give grace

6) T or F “God is always three persons each of whom are identical to the one divine nature”

7) T or F  The Catholic Church maintained the same structure and religious practices after Constantine’s Edict of Toleration as before.

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