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Can a Catholic Be a Socialist?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 12:47 - Is it true that if you take from social security or pay into social security, are you a socialist? 
  • 18:47 - Does capitalism provide too much material wealth, thereby causing more harm than good? 
  • 29:09 - What is the main reason the Church is against socialism? Is it a plot to overthrow the family? 
  • 33:16 - What is the difference between communism, socialism, and Marxism? 
  • 43:30 - It seems like the term social justice is a bad term that refers to socialism. Is social justice being used now in the same way that Dorothy Day was using it? 
  • 52:34 - People have asked me, “Isn’t Canada socialist and they’re doing just fine?” How would I respond to that? 
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