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Arguments for (and Against) the Existence of God

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Apologist and author Trent Horn tackles tough questions, and offers philosophical insights into the argument about whether or not God exists.

Questions and Topics Covered:

  • 01:11 - The first vatican council said it is possible to know God through reason alone. How can you balance this with the need of faith?
  • 04:54 - I have a teenager who has shown me some YouTube videos that talk about the problem of evil. My teen is challenging me about faith, how should I respond?
  • 18:04 - I think the burden of proof is on theists, not atheists.
  • 29:47 - I started experimenting with chemicals and felt the same feeling that I felt when I was surrounded by my Church friends which at the time I thought was the Holy Spirit. So I became agnostic because I found a naturalistic way for the way I felt.
  • 42:45 - How are arguments for God not God-in-the-gaps arguments?
  • 50:22 - How do you explain Neanderthals and synthesize it with Genesis and Catholic doctrine?
  • 52:35 - We’ve been talking about the existence of God and why you should be a theist. I believe in God, and there’s a lot of different good denominations that believe in God, but why should I be Catholic?

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