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Faithful Families

The hosts of EWTN’s More 2 Life with Greg and Lisa Popcak talk about raising children in the Faith, and keeping faith with God as we live out our family lives.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:54 - How was God created?
  • 18:21 - What are some good materials for family faith formation? We’re doing our own faith formation with our teenagers.
  • 23:58 - What would be your advice for bringing the faith to the dinner table and bedtime when the children are very young?
  • 33:33 - Our oldest son is doing confirmation preparation and is questioning why he needs to receive the sacrament. Could you give some advice on how I can help him understand the significance?
  • 42:46 - I raise my grandson and I’m a newly converted Catholic. I’m looking for any advice on being both the best mom and raising him in the faith.
  • 50:12 - My communication with my teens has been severed recently, mostly by their choice. I’ve never pursued legal rights with their mother. I have a checkered past, but have been living the faith for several years now. How can I win their hearts and minds and teach them the faith I have grown to love?

Resources Mentioned:

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