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The Catholic Guide to Loneliness

Kevin Vost

Audio only:

Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. The author of The Catholic Guide to Loneliness helps us confront it with both science and faith.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:09 - I am married in the Church, but my wife divorced me civilly 5 years ago. I am trying to follow my vows. I am very lonely, but I am wondering how much of this is my destiny?
  • 20:45 - I am lonely because I experience same-sex attraction, and I am not called to marriage. How can I balance my loneliness?
  • 29:01 - I have been experiencing loneliness recently while I have had anxiety. How can I deal with this?
  • 47:02 - I was divorced years ago and fell away from the Church. How can I get closer to the Church now?
  • 49:10 - My wife passed away 21 months ago, and I have a lot of loneliness. My sons say that I live like a monk, so what can I do?

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