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Why do You Reject Catholic Morality?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

We ask listeners, “Why do you reject Catholic morality?” Their answers create enlightening conversations with apologist Trent Horn.

Questions and Topics Covered:

  • 07:25 - I’ve been agonizing over buying a new luxury car. What is allowed without being greedy?
  • 19:55 - Is the Church not as strong on capital punishment as it is abortion and assisted suicide?
  • 22:29 - According to a Priest, the only allowable type of sex is intercourse. What about other types?
  • 30:59 - I have a question about keeping people alive artificially. I don’t think I agree with Catholics. I was disturbed during the Terry Schiavo case.
  • 43:30 - Is recreational marijuana allowed according to Catholic morality?

Resources Mentioned:


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