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The Fullness of Fatherhood

Audio only:

Questions and Topics Covered:

  • 12:58 - I had anxiety and eating disorders growing up and my dad never gave up. He helped me multiple times and has always been there, even when I rejected him. This changed my life.
  • 17:30 - What factors do you attribute to the decline of fatherhood in modern times?
  • 31:24 - It used to be expected for a boy to be a man. The media seems to be making it more unusual for boys to have these virtues and this makes it harder for a dad to instill these values. Everything seems to be about feeling good, rather than accomplishments. I was wondering what your thoughts are on these observations.
  • 35:34 - Our young-adult sons often turn a deaf ear to their mother when she makes suggestions to them. I would like to know how best to deal with this type of a dynamic, as both a husband and a father.
  • 41:45 -  How can I support my husband to be a better father? He’s not as actively Catholic as me, and we often struggle over this and I feel that at times I disempower him because I think I am right.
  • 47:20 - What suggestions do you have for a single mother without a father in the picture?
  • 51:15 - I would like to ask for some suggestions on how I can be a better uncle.

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