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Evolution and Genesis

Audio only:

Can the Theory of Evolution and the Book of Genesis both be true? Dr. Stacy Trasancos shares the state of the discussion, and why there is still much to be learned by both theologians and scientists.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:13 - I’ve heard Mother Angelica say that the Roman Martyrology says that the earth is thousands of years old. Doesn’t science say it’s millions of years old?
  • 20:25 - Genesis talks about people living till they’re super old: 600, 700 years. How should we read that?
  • 33:36 - What do you think about mitochondrial eve?
  • 42:21 - Who are these scientists who say that earth is millions of years old? Are they Christians? 
  • 48:03 - Where do dinosaurs fit in creation?

Resources Mentioned:


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