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Stacy Trasancos


Stacy Trasancos has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Penn State University and worked as a senior research chemist for DuPont before converting to Catholicism. She left her career to stay home with her highly complex composite systems who call her Mommy. In those years, she earned a M.A. in dogmatic theology in between synthesizing meals, doing housework, and keeping a large family together. She took up writing and has published five books on the integration of science and theology. In 2018, Dr. Trasancos became the executive director of Bishop Strickland’s St. Philip Institute in Tyler, Texas, but last year she returned home again to work with her husband, Jose. Together they operate Children of God for Life, an organization that fights to end the use of aborted children in research. Dr. Trasancos teaches online science and theology courses for Seton Hall University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary, is a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute, and frequently appears on Catholic radio, podcasts, and television. After the publication of her book, Particles of Faith, Forbes wrote, “Trasancos represents a very rare bird, the scientist who did not cease to be a geek even after she got religion.”

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