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Ask Me Anything

Questions Covered:

  • 03:30 - Why can only a priest consecrate the Eucharist if anyone can baptize with the right intention?
  • 06:38 - How much of saintly intercession would apply to old testament figures?
  • 13:41 - Is there a connection between Jesus entering into hades to retrieve the souls and the Catholic understanding of Purgatory?
  • 17:13 - Regarding Isaiah 53:4, the story of a suffering servant. It says that the servant smitten is by God. How do we as Catholics understand this?
  • 22:19 - Is there some way to determine if someone is in a state of grace?
  • 30:01 - Was Judas ever given the grace to be saved or was he doomed to fail?
  • 35:12 - I just became Catholic. My biggest issue was infant baptism. What am I supposed to say to my children if they grow up and question me why i didn’t give them a choice?
  • 37:24 - Does God love some more than others?
  • 41:43 - The Eucharist liturgy doesn’t make sense, especially transubstantiation.
  • 45:34 - The Church claims infallibility but why should we believe the rest of the teachings that aren’t declared infallibly?
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