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Ask Me Anything

Questions Covered:

  • 03:11 - How do I make sense of 1 Corinth 11:5 on the topic of head coverings?
  • 16:01 - How do I respond to someone who says they don’t adhere to the biblical interpretation of condemning homosexuality because times have changed?
  • 20:55 - With Mary being called woman and the woman at the well being called woman, what’s the distinction in Jesus calling them both by the same title?
  • 28:50 - Can you clarify and navigate the stern and loose interpretations of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus? What’s the clear correct understanding?
  • 36:45 - If Catholics take John 6 literally, how can we call Protestants our separated brothers and sisters since they “have no life in them?”
  • 43:47 - What’s the role of Mary in the Church? Is she being worshiped?
  • 48:00 - I’m a convert. Is Mary the dispenser of all graces? How can all the saints hear all of our prayers?
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