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Ask a Priest

Fr. David Meconi takes pastoral and apologetics questions from listeners.

Questions Covered:

  • 06:00 - I recently purchased a home altar kit. We have not gotten any of it blessed. How can I bless my candles and icons, etc? 
  • 08:08 - My husband and I were married in 2001, but he left me in 2012. I have been trying to find him, but he has not given me a divorce or an annulment. I want to be a part of a third order. Can I call myself a bride of Christ? 
  • 18:16 - Why can’t the priest consecrate the bread and wine for us at home through the TV? 
  • 22:22 - How do angels and demons fight? 
  • 28:00 - Why can’t men with schizophrenia be priests? 
  • 30:43 - Can you expand on why Jesus says, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” 
  • 40:50 – Why was Satan allowed to do so much to Job’s family? 
  • 45:30 - How do you explain the cardinal ranking of priests? 
  • 48:10 - I have been making rosaries. Do they need to be blessed before I send them to people 
  • 50:56 - Is there time in purgatory? 
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