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Ask a Bishop and a Scientist

Audio only:

Dr. Stacy Trasancos and Bishop Strickland take questions from listeners concerning evolution, bioethics, and more.

Questions Covered:

  • 01:07 - What is the significance of the earth’s story, from dinosaurs on? Is there evidence that people existed at the time of dinosaurs? 
  • 12:56 - Shouldn’t the body of Christ be trying to heal people from coronavirus? 
  • 22:49 - What was the relative risk of the early martyrs compared with the risk we are facing from this pandemic? 
  • 29:17 - A friend told me that we are all gods and he told me he was a shaman. He used to be Catholic. How can I respond and explain that there is only one God? 
  • 43:14 - Bishop Strickland recently said that a vaccine should be bypassed if it uses fetal tissues. Can he expand on this? 
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