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Addiction and Healing

Questions Covered: 

  • 08:49 - I am a recovered alcoholic and just converted to Catholicism this Easter. Is there a danger in me taking the Blood of Christ? If I just receive the Body, am I a bad Catholic? 
  • 14:15 - Is this program good for people recovering from childhood abuse? 
  • 18:06 - My dad is an alcoholic, has been for a very long time. How can I tell my mom that my dad must want help in order to be helped? What can I do in this situation? 
  • 22:33 - I have been in recovery for 32 years. I am so thrilled to hear about what you are doing, Scott! 
  • 29:00 - How can we deal with our Church judging addicts in recovery? It seems like there is a stigma in starting a group. 
  • 33:28 - I have a 25-year-old son who bounces back and forth between addiction and recovery. Are there any faith-based programs out there for my son? I am looking for something affordable. 
  • 40:10 - I am not a theist. Do you believe that God has a plan? How can God have a plan and us also have free will? If you’re genuinely interested in getting people help, wouldn’t you give them secular options, too? 
  • 46:15 - I am in AA, and a Catholic. Believe me there is skepticism, cynicism, and outright contempt for the faith—this guy isn’t really speaking to that. 
  • 48:32 - I lost my sister less than two months ago from addiction. What can I do in the wake of this? How can I wrap my head around this? 
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