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Scott Weeman


Scott Weeman was born and raised in northeast Wisconsin where he enjoyed involvement in sports and activities with his friends and family. After high school he moved from a developing rural community to attend college in New York City after being awarded a scholarship for his participation in policy debate. At this point, his experience around drugs and alcohol started to spin out of control and, after a series of unconventional events, he found himself seeking the mercy of the Lord at age 26. Scott attributes this re-conversion to a very strong Catholic community at St. Brigid’s Parish in San Diego, CA, where he lives today. In addition, the experience, strength, and hope shared in recovery groups that he regularly attends has helped him stay sober from alcohol and drugs (one day at a time) since October of 2011.

An opportunity at a new way of life has brought Scott to a point where he is passionate about bringing the Good News to people who struggle to find healing from alcoholism and addictions. Blending both the spiritual tools made available to him through addiction recovery and the wisdom of the Catholic Church, he founded a nonprofit organization, Catholic in Recovery, to bring hope to those who struggle finding freedom from the bondage of their addictions. The organization also helps people from all walks of life strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through practical application of the principles of the twelve steps. Scott contributes to these efforts by writing on a variety of Catholic and twelve-step topics, speaking at events, and developing one-on-one relationships with those seeking help. Moreover, his first book, The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments, was published in November of 2017 by Ave Maria Press.

In addition to forming new Christ-centered relationships, he enjoys a wide range of recreational activities including sports (golf, tennis, beach volleyball, football), cooking, hiking, reading, traveling, and relaxing over a pot of hot tea. Above all, Scott is blessed by his relationship with his wife, Jacqueline, who he met through the Catholic Church in San Diego and married in September of 2016.

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