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How to Explain Mary’s Importance to a Non-Catholic

Steve Ray

Steve Ray discusses Mary’s motherhood and her relationship to each person of the Trinity to show why she is so important to every Christian.


Host: Let’s go to Elizabeth in Mandeville, Louisiana. Elizabeth, your question for Steve Ray.

Caller: Yes, first of all, by the way, I met Steve a long time ago, five years ago when he came to New Orleans to do a conference, and it was a very nice experience. Thank you so much, and it’s nice talking to you guys too.

Steve: Well thank you.

Caller: My question is: what’s the best way to explain who Mary is, and how important she is in our life, to a non-Catholic?

Steve: Well, that’s a good question, because she is very important to us. But I think if you’re speaking to someone who already is a Christian, you can ask them if they love their mother. And if they love their mother, it certainly helps to explain to them how important Jesus was.

First of all, Jesus has Mary’s DNA. He does—you know, I have the DNA of my mother and my father—Mary gave, donated, her DNA to Jesus. And even today, he’s in heaven right now, and he still has a body, and that body still has the DNA of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She gave him her DNA.

And not only that, but in those days they breastfed the babies for three months; so she donated all the cells of his body—he would not have grown at all—she donated all of the cells in His body until he was three years old. That’s how important she was.

And without Mary, we wouldn’t have Jesus! You know, if you decided to take Mary out of the picture. Jesus came through Mary’s womb, he came through that Blessed Virgin, and had Mary said “No,” then we would have been in big trouble. And Mary said “Yes,” and because of that she brought the Savior into the world. How special can you get?

Then if we want to go a little bit further, we can ask people, “Do you love Jesus?” And if they say “Yes,” then we say, “Then you should, too, love what Jesus loved.” What did Jesus love? He loved His mother. How do we know that? Because the law says that you are to honor your father and your mother, and Jesus kept the law perfectly. There was no one who honored and loved his mother and father more than Jesus did. Therefore He had great respect and love for his mother. And He loved her enough to bring her up to Heaven, body and soul, and to make her the Queen of Heaven as a type for all of us to look forward to.

So there’s just a few things. Mary is very special. She’s not just your average girl. Mary was specially chosen by God and by the Son as well.

Now one last thing, think about this way too: the Father, God the Father, chose Mary above all other women to be the mother of His son. Jesus chose Mary before eternity to be His mother. And the Holy Spirit of God chose Mary to be His spouse. And so you have these three relationships; all of us have relationships with the Holy Trinity, but none of us have a relationship with the Holy Trinity like the Blessed Virgin Mary does.

Caller: Wow. Thank you so much, like always, I appreciate all your advice and all your knowledge with this.

Steve: You’re welcome, thank you. God bless you.

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