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Why Make a Gift of Stock to Catholic Answers?

The value of the stock market has increased dramatically since 2009, and volatility has increased.

If you have stocks, ETFs or mutual funds that have increased significantly in value, you may be considering selling them but are concerned about capital gains taxes.

There is a solution! Give a gift of appreciated securities to Catholic Answers.

How It Works

When you sell appreciated securities, you are normally taxed on the gain in value since you purchased them. However, if you contribute those appreciated securities to Catholic Answers, your gains are not taxable. In fact, you will receive a charitable deduction for the full, fair-market value of the securities as of the date of the gift. To qualify, you must have held the stocks or bonds for more than one year.

Your financial advisor or advisory firm can even wire the shares directly to Catholic Answers’ investment account (see below).

How Do I Get Started?

Before you initiate a gift of securities to Catholic Answers, please notify Christine Venditti at cvenditti@catholic.com or 619-387-7200.

The shares can be wired directly to our investment account at Wells Fargo. You or your advisor can contact:


George Stadler
Financial Relationship Advisor

Wells Fargo Advisors
16175 Sierra Lakes Pkwy
Fontana, CA 92336
(909) 637-9057 – Direct

Our Direct Transfer Code is 0141
Our Account Number is 20027983
The receiving institution is Catholic Answers.

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