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Joe Heschmeyer


Kansas City native Joe Heschmeyer is a staff apologist for Catholic Answers. A popular author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster, he joined the apostolate in March 2021 after three years as an instructor at Holy Family School of Faith in Overland Park, Kan.

While at School of Faith, Joe focused primarily on formation for the Kansas City Archdiocese’s elementary and high school teachers. He also spent a year helping to manage the Catholic Spiritual Mentorship program.

Prior to his work at Holy Family, he discerned the priesthood from 2012-17 for the Archdiocese of Kansas City. During that time, he earned both a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis and a baccalaureate degree in sacred theology (S.T.B.) from Rome’s Pontifical North American College.

A regular contributor to Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Answers Focus, and Catholic Answers Magazine (print and online) even before joining the apostolate, Joe has blogged at his own “Shameless Popery” website and co-hosted a weekly show called “The Catholic Podcast.”

To date, he has authored three books, including Pope Peter for Catholic Answers Press.

A former practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., Joe received his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University in 2010 after earning a bachelor’s degree in history from Topeka’s Washburn University.

Joe and his wife, Anna, and along with their daughter Stella (and a yet-unnamed unborn baby on the way!) reside in the Kansas City area. In his free time, Joe enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and tormenting his loved ones with terrible puns.


What’s the Big Deal About Mary?

Why do Catholics seem to focus so much attention on the Virgin Mary? Isn’t there a danger of this focus taking our attention away from Jesus? In this talk, Joe shows the Biblical framework for how we should think about Mary, looking at the Old Testament foreshadowing of Mary, and tracing the battle between “the woman” and “the serpent” from Genesis throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament.

The Opposite of Idolatry

One of the fears that many non-Catholic (and even some Catholic) Christians have is that praying to Mary or the Saints might be idolatrous… or at least, that we should be careful not to do it too much! In this talk, Joe explores the theology and biblical foundation for praying to the Saints, and why it’s quite literally the “opposite of idolatry.”

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