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Joe Heschmeyer


Joe Heschmeyer has a long history of public speaking, having been a high school and college debater, an attorney, a seminarian, a religion instructor, and an adjunct professor at a Catholic college. He has run the blog Shameless Popery since 2009, co-hosted The Catholic Podcast for three years, and is a long-time contributor to various Catholic online and print publications.

As a result, Joe is comfortable speaking in front of audiences of a variety of sizes, ages, and backgrounds. His style combines clear, logical presentations of information with humor, analogies, and stories that help drive home the truth. And though Joe enjoys lively debate, his approach to apologetics is to “win the person, not the argument,” and he has employed that approach with success everywhere from coffeeshops to college campuses.


What’s the Big Deal About Mary?

Why do Catholics seem to focus so much attention on the Virgin Mary? Isn’t there a danger of this focus taking our attention away from Jesus? In this talk, Joe shows the Biblical framework for how we should think about Mary, looking at the Old Testament foreshadowing of Mary, and tracing the battle between “the woman” and “the serpent” from Genesis throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament.

The Opposite of Idolatry

One of the fears that many non-Catholic (and even some Catholic) Christians have is that praying to Mary or the Saints might be idolatrous… or at least, that we should be careful not to do it too much! In this talk, Joe explores the theology and biblical foundation for praying to the Saints, and why it’s quite literally the “opposite of idolatry.”


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