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Will We See Our Family in Heaven?


Does the Catholic Church believe that Catholics will be reunited with family members when they die and go to heaven?


The prayers of the Rites of Christian Burial often refer to awaiting the day we are reunited with the deceased through Jesus Christ.  As the Final Commendation prayers say: “May we comfort one another with our faith, until we all meet in Christ and are with you and (name) forever.  Through Christ our Lord.”

In the story of Abraham, Lazarus, and the Rich Man (Luke 16) all were able to recognize each other.  Moses and Elijah were recognized by the disciples (Matthew 17).  And, of course, the disciples were able to recognize Jesus after the Resurrection.

We also implore the Saints to pray for us so clearly tradition teaches that those in heaven know who we are.

So it does appear that we will be able to remember and recognize each other in heaven.  However, we will not be exactly the same as we were in this world since we will be purified from all sin and will be consumed with the presence of the Beatific Vision.

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