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Why Did Jesus Not Defend Himself Before Pilate?


Why did Jesus not defend himself before Pontius Pilate? When are we to do the same?


While a Christian should never seek death, not defending oneself in order to achieve a greater good is permitted. Some examples would be:

  • a hostage can agree to stay behind while others are freed.
  • a soldier can jump on a grenade to protect others.
  • occupying a gunman as long as possible so others can escape knowing full well he will kill you once he realizes everyone has escaped.
  • allowing yourself to be taken prisoner/hostage so others can escape.

Jesus before Pilate had a purpose beyond its immediacy. Jesus was willing to be defenseless for the greater good of the salvation of humanity.

These situations are distinct from depression or apathy. It must truly be a free choice for a greater good and not mere indifference towards one’s life.

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