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Why aren’t parishes more careful about encouraging Catholics to send their children to Protestant vacation Bible schools?


I’ve had some "issues" with the Church, and I can trace them back to the Protestant vacation Bible schools that we went to as children. It didn’t seem serious at the time, but it rewally is. Why do you think parishes don’t pay much attention to the dangers from Protestant churches?


It is unfortunate, but individuals at parishes often do not realize the seriousness of the problem of anti-Catholicism in this country. This may be due to the fact that many parish officials travel in mostly Catholic circles and do not often encounter anti-Catholicism in daily life. It may also be that anti-Catholics tend to tone down their rhetoric when they’re talking to a priest. Because of their background, parish workers may see through anti-Catholic arguments more quickly or take them less seriously. Whatever the causes, many parish officials seem to be less aware than they could be of the extent to which ordinary lay people encounter anti-Catholicism and how much it disturbs them. It is an issue on which greater awareness would benefit many priests, deacons, directors of religious education, and other parish workers.

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