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When I Can’t Trust God


How can I trust God when he’s let me be hurt, hold false expectations, harbor misunderstandings, and doesn’t reveal himself?


God has created you ever since he conceived you in your mother’s womb without missing a day. If he didn’t continuously create us, we would cease to exist. He has allowed you to be hurt and live to tell about it, though you haven’t hurt nearly as much as he did on Calvary. He has allowed you to hold false expectations and misunderstandings so that you would learn from them. Mistakes are okay. No one sits down at a piano and is immediately able to play. Learning requires trial and error so that when we eventually learn, we have the delight in the satisfaction it brings.

As for revealing himself, he does this daily. He is doing it right now. His greatest self-revelation, however, consists in his self gift on the cross. I’m not a saint, but I have learned all this, and you can too. Just spend some time daily reflecting on a crucifix.

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