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Was it wrong for a mother to abort one of her unborn triplets to save her life and the lives of the other two?


A very petite lady could only carry two of her triplets to full term without killing herself and two of them. So she chose to abort one. If she had not, there’d be only one baby with no mother. What should someone do in such a situation?


She had another choice, and it is the only right one: She could have chosen to not abort any and put the matter in the Lord’s hands. He is never outdone in generosity. Why is it that we always think of him last? I know of a case in which the doctors removed a cyst the size of a fist which was next to a baby in the womb. Such surgery always causes a spontaneous miscarriage. But the family prayed and put it in God’s hands. Not only was the baby not expelled from the womb, he is now the priest who is answering this question.

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