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There is a list of canonized saints, so why isn’t there a list of the damned?


The Catholic Church has many times declared that individuals have entered into heaven and become canonized saints. Why isn’t there a list of those who we know are in hell? Wouldn’t Judas be at the top of the list?


The Church simply doesn’t know who is in hell. Christ gave the Church no means or purpose for compiling a list of the damned. Christ wills that all men be saved. He will try to save us right up to our last living moment.

Judas is one of the least attractive characters in history, yet Christ loved Judas and wanted him saved. Judas hanged himself, becoming a suicide as well as a traitor. In those last moments of consciousness, with the rope around his neck, it is possible his thoughts were of remorse and reconciliation. If he repented his sins, even Judas could have been saved. Whether he did, we don’t know.

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