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Should I Still Go to Confession Even If I Think I’ll Commit the Same Sin Again?


Should I still go to confession even if I think I’ll commit the same sin again?


Yes. Confession does not require that we know for sure that we will not commit the same sin(s) again. Confession only requires that we desire to stop sinning and will make reasonable efforts to stop. Obviously sometimes in life we have certain sins that are very difficult for us to shake even if we desire stop (Matt. 26:41). This attraction and inclination to sin is the result of original sin. The grace of the sacraments is a great help to us in overcoming these misplaced desires but it doesn’t happen overnight or at the flip of a switch. It took time for us to fall into the habit of particular sins and it will take time to overcome them. Continue going to confession and receiving the Eucharist. They are medicine for us sinners.

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