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Material Cooperation Explained


Is it acceptable to sell my art in a gallery that is rented by other artists if the building is owned by Freemasons?


Yes. We are not responsible for the convictions and religious and political activities of those with whom we do business, unless the relationship is explicitly based on those convictions. So renting from the Freemasons does not constitute formal participation in their sect.

There is only here what we would call “material cooperation,” which is not wrong if it is for a sufficient reason. Even if you had the choice between a devout Catholic landlord who charged too much and a masonic one who had reasonable rates, you could choose in your own interest the mason’s property.

After all, our republic was founded by Freemasons. Our laws were largely formulated by them, and they are still a significant force in American, Latin American, and European society. Catholics have to be able to live in such a society as justly and reasonably as possible. We are always free to have a private preference not to rent or buy from someone, but this cannot be presented as a moral obligation.

There are those who in their praiseworthy zeal for right social order, and in their frustration at their inability to make an impact, can fixate on boycotting businesses or media outlets that do not promote true public morality, but it is very rarely the case that a boycott is a moral obligation. It is a political instrument, which can be effective or ineffective.

In short, you may rent from a Freemason, and you may buy coffee from Starbucks, even though its CEO supports gender ideology. None of this implies any approval of their opinions. You are also free not to because you find their actions repugnant and want a lifestyle that is less involved in their power and influence. Many wise people do this, but that is a free choice, not an obligation.

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