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If my Daughter Refuses to go to Mass, am I Guilty of Mortal Sin?


Is it my mortal sin to let my 12-year-old daughter stay home from Mass? I know that she cannot receive Communion until she goes to confession, but as her parent, does that mean I have to go to confession because she chooses to not attend?


I fear for your daughter if she has a parent that allows her to parent herself. What are you thinking? She is a child. You are the adult. You call the shots. Her missing Mass should not be your sin because it should not happen. Tell her that you are the parent: What you say goes and any disobedience by her will have consequences. And then make sure that such consequences happen. Don’t argue with her: Tell her. You are her parent, and it is your vocation to teach her. You do her no favors by letting her behave badly. You need to put her welfare ahead of your desire for peace at any cost.

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