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If I missed Mass because of my work schedule, should I confess?


My work shift is a five-day on, four-day off rotating shift. I have run into this problem a few times. My work hours are such that I could only attend the 7:30 A.M. Mass at my parish on Sunday. I had already worked my five days and was scheduled (not volunteered) a sixth day (Sunday). Not to mention that I worked an additional eight to ten hours of overtime already this week. I missed Mass in part because I was tired. The next Mass was 9:30 a.m., and I could not attend it without being late for work. I missed Mass, but not with the attitude of defiance to Jesus. Does this require me to go to confession?<br />


If your employer requires you to work during the time that you could fulfill your Sunday obligation, or if you are exhausted and unable to attend Mass as a result, then these are sufficient reasons, just as being sick or having to take care of children are. In such cases you do not have a Sunday obligation and you do not need to go to confession. You are not sinning.

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