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If a sinner goes to hell for one unrepented mortal sin, does God purge his love? Love cannot exist in hell.


In Luke 16:19–31 about the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, I&#039;ve read that the rich man, when he called to Abraham, was in purgatory, not hell. The reason given is that the rich man demonstrates love and concern for his brothers and requests Abraham to help them by sending Lazarus to teach them the error of their ways. Since love and concern for others cannot exist in hell, the rich man must be in another place.<br /> <br /> My question is that if one unrepented mortal sin, such as adultery, will cause someone to go to hell, what happens to the love that such a person had for his children, friends, and spouse? Does God purge this love from this person before he is put in hell?


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