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How Many Times in a Day May I Receive Communion?


I'm confused. I was always taught you could receive Communion only once a day. My pastor says this isn't correct. He says you can receive the Eucharist twice a day.


Your pastor is correct. Canon Law says a person may receive Holy Communion a second time, provided he does so during a celebration of the Eucharist in which he participates (canon 917). The stipulation that one receive the second Communion at a Mass “in which he participates” doesn’t apply in the case of those in danger of death (canon 921).

The confusion about this subject is due to post-conciliar changes in Church practice regarding the Eucharist. In the old 1917 Code of Cannon Law, reception of Holy Communion more than once a day was prohibited. After Vatican II this restriction was mitigated to permit reception twice on the same day. The 1983 revised Code of Canon Law incorporated the post-conciliar change in practice into the law of the Church.

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