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How can I find instruction in the faith in a non-English-language country?


I’ve wanted to become Catholic for several years, but my attempts have been hindered because I live in the Netherlands, a non-English-speaking country, and my primary language is English. What can I do?


How wonderful that you wish to become Catholic! Here are some suggestions:

You might contact an English-speaking embassy in the Netherlands (e.g., American, British, Australian, Canadian) and ask if it has an English-speaking Catholic chaplain for the employees. That chaplain could help you enter the Church. If not, the embassy should at least be able to put you in contact with Catholics on the staff who can tell you where they go for English-speaking Catholic services.

You might also check with English departments of local universities (particularly Catholic universities, if there are any) to see if there are any Catholics on staff or if there is an English-speaking Catholic chaplain for the Catholic students.

If there are any religious orders with houses nearby, they may have English-speaking members in residence or can put you in touch with other English-speaking members in the country.

If you continue to have trouble finding an English-speaking priest or Catholic community in the Netherlands, please write back and we will try to find other avenues of assistance for you. God bless.

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