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Does the Church Approve of the Bayside Apparitions?


Some people in my parish follow the Bayside apparitions and are encouraging me to do the same. What does the Church say about this group?


The Bayside apparition (“Our Lady of the Roses”) is totally and completely false. A Catholic should ignore it and have nothing to do with it or its literature. The supposed seer, the late Veronica Leuken, issued bizarre revelations and false prophesies that have not come to pass, such as the claim that “the Warning spoken of through the ages will occur in the year 1997.” This Warning—not to be confused with the Three Days of Darkness or the Chastisement that some speak of—”is the worldwide cataclysm predicted by little Jacinta Marto, the youngest of the three child-seers at Fatima.”

She also said Mary told her that test-tube babies do not have souls, a philosophically and theologically impossible proposition, since all living human beings have souls.

Furthermore, the late bishop of the diocese in which Veronica Leuken resided (Bishop John Mugavero) had repeatedly condemned the apparition as a fake. The condemnation remains in force. The full text of Mugavero’s 1986 declaration concerning the “Bayside Movement” can be found at

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