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Does the Bible condemn astrology?


Does the Bible condemn astrology?


You bet it does, no matter what Jeane Dixon says. The Bible condemns astrology along with other occult practices:

Keep up, now, your spells and your many sorceries; perhaps you can make them avail, perhaps you can strike terror! You wearied yourself with many consultations, at which you toiled from your youth.

Let the astrologers stand forth to save you, the stargazers who forecast at each new moon what would happen to you. Lo, they are like stubble, fire consumes them; they cannot save themselves from the spreading flames.

This is no warming ember, no fire to sit before. Thus do your wizards serve you with whom you have toiled from your youth; each wanders his own way, with none to save you (Is. 47:12-15).

Other passages relating to the occult include Isaiah 2:6, Deuteronomy 18:9-14, Leviticus 19:31, and Acts 13:4-12.


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